Saturday, March 17, 2012

What are Trail Cameras Good For?

Besides hunting, a trail camera or motion activated camera can be used for many other different activities depending on the needs and creativity of the user. For example, a trail camera can be set-up overlooking a construction site to make sure that nobody is stealing equipment or supplies at night.  It can be set-up to monitor a vegetable or flower garden to capture a sequence of events or the progress of certain plants and flowers.  Hang a trail camera near a bird feeder and you will capture amazing close-ups of your favorite species in natural, thrilling action, set it up on the edge of a pond to take pictures of waterfowl as they come and go.  By placing a trail camera near the carcass of a dead animal you can capture large but elusive predators like cougars, wolves, coyotes and bobcats.  Trail cameras can also be used for security, protecting a home, work-place, or child’s bedroom against intruders and thieves.  The possibilities really are endless.
There are many websites that rate and review trail cameras, and finding the information is as easy as typing in ‘trail camera reviews’.  I have included a brief review of some of the most popular brands on the market but more are coming all the time.  Remember that these are just opinions and your opinion may differ.
Some of the best trail cameras on the market are  the Bushnell Trophy Cam and the Trophy Cam Black Flash because they are easy on batteries and produce some really nice trail camera pictures. Cuddeback set the bar high and continues to be a leader when it comes to trigger speed.  Their Attack IR model is a very reliable infrared camera.  Reconyx has a reputation as being the highest quality and most reliable trail camera available and the Hyperfire HC600, although very pricey, is worth the money if you are a professional with high standards.  Anyone that hunts will recognize the Moultrie brand, a trail camera company with infrared game cameras like the M100 and D55 IR.  If you are looking for an entry level camera you could do worse than to check out the M80. The Primos Truth Cam 35 and 46 have been receiving favorable reviews all over the net and have a company with years of experience and great product backing them. Finally there is Wildgame Innovations, a company that is new to the market but coming up fast with almost a dozen different game camera models including the Red 6 and the Micro 6.

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