Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It is the 8th of January and It seems to be getting colder and colder where I live. As the weather gets colder I get more and more cabin fever. Trail cameras are so fun that it is hard not to be able to get out of the city more often and use them like crazy!

I started reminiscing the other day about Spring and came across some trail camera pictures that really didn't help the situation....

Trail Camera Pictures that I decide to keep are often cropped. This guy's antlers (at least one side) doesn't seem to be starting to grow quite right. ----maybe it's just me??

This picture will already be 3 years old this June. Which means I really got to get out more! I really like this spot though. We get a lot of wildlife coming through on this trail...

Here is another trail that has been very successful, in wildlife traffic. It will probably be another three and a half months before we can get to this spot. The Snow will probably be there until then anyway.  I

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